Exactly thirty years after the birth of the Abamis…

Going through Ayanfemi’s Diary



I stared at the blue sky, hoping it would remain this way for the show tonight. I’d be presenting and I just didn’t want the rain to screw anything up. Today is the first day of the week and the beginning of the biggest show in the world. The crowds have all gathered and the music performance is on. I could hear the crowd cheer on in excitement.

“Ayanfemi, you look so stunning.” My friend kept telling me throughout the day. That immediately reminds me a lot of my childhood and how far I’ve made it to the top, as an Abami. I was really proud of my achievements and had nothing to regret. Each step of the way was drawing me closer to the world and the community I’ve created. Trust me, it feels good to be me!

Later this night, I’d be walking down the aisle and displaying the beautiful patterns of ‘Ankara’, the African beauty of Fashion. I saw him though! The Abami admired my beauty and gave me butterflies in my stomach. His smile was beautiful, and I just wished I wasn’t presenting, I’d had enough time with him…

The landscape is beautiful… The event centre is surrounded by tall, rough mountains with beautiful vegetation. The river that flows through, has a waterfall. I had been busy touring the centre, earlier when I arrived. My mom would say, “you shouldn’t expose yourself to danger…”



After the Car racing that evening, I had spoken to George and it was such a pleasant experience. I’m trying to get over moments with him. He’s a really nice guy. The Minister was to give his closing speech that moment when something happened! The whole crowd was in confusion. Everyone trying to run for Shelter and shield themselves from the hot radioactive waves that emitted afar off.  I stood over with George, as he held my hands tightly… “You shouldn’t panic.” He told me. “I’m not scared, I’m trying to think,” I responded to him with much boldness…

I saw someone approaching the Podium, he was an Abami too, one I had never seen before, nor heard of. He spoke in pain and disgust to humans… “How could you host a celebration for the Abamis without me?” He yelled at the podium, attracting everyone’s attention. “Today, if you can run, run! I’ll kill you all, I will hunt you down!!” Such audacity. I was boiling inside. How could he? What makes him think we are dead if we’re not scared of him?

For the first time, I saw Zen and Ben. They approached George and me. Wow! That was intense, but who is the guy on the Podium?  Asked Zen. He’s the unknown Abami… I guess, George replied. The Minister and the other scientists were all shocked. Everyone was confused. The new Abami kept talking…

“I am Seth! The Rejected one.” As he burst into a wicked laugh. “I have come, so, I could show the world today, what a true Abami can do. You’ve come here to be entertained, right?”, as he roared enormously. Radioactive waves of shock were emitted from his mouth and it burned so badly that everyone ran for safety. I was trying to think of what to do next… George still held my hands firmly, and I could hear his heartbeat. It was beating extraordinarily… He immediately boiled up and let out the loudest roar I’ve ever heard, the ground shook. I was scared. Was he a monster?

Soon, I was jerking and before I could realize what happened, my hormones were controlling me. I paced with incredible speed toward Seth. Zen and Ben too changed. For the first time, in my life, I knew I possessed something dark… I held Seth to the ground, as he roared too. It was shocking that his emitted waves, had no impact on me. I wasn’t burnt. Ben grabbed him from me and used his powerful punch to hit Seth down, dazing him for about two seconds. At that moment George pulled me back.

“Ayanfemi” I could hear my mom yell but didn’t see her. At this moment, we’re trying to stop a monster. We need to stop Seth or we’d have everyone burnt to death. George kept roaring as the ground kept trembling at every sound of his roar… Later that night, Seth would be disorientated by Zen’s speed tornado and the ministry would inject him with a potent sedative… “We need to find solutions to the incredible strengths of the Abamis, so, our world could be safe” I heard the Minister say in the closing speech…

The ABAMI SHOW was the biggest display of talents ever, with the world’s Known Abamis in action.

To be continued!

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9 months ago

Absolutely amazing!

Olayemi G
Olayemi G
9 months ago

This is fantastic. I’m bullish on this project.