ABAMI WORLD: A collection of 15,000 NFTs


ABAMI WORLD: A collection of 9000+ NFTs2

ABAMI WORLD: A collection of 15,000 NFTs


The future and existence of humans could be easily foreseen. The most intelligent creatures in the universe are about to experience the worst paradigm shift. Would the consequences be negative or positive? Hmmm… How would they adapt to this new world Science foretells? The future is here with them, unknown to them.

Their existence is the very one created by their minds. They’d have to adapt to this change and live with this, but fear grips the ancient world for the future is far beyond what they perceived.


Soon, humans with animal features would be born. The Abamis are real. Descriptions have Abamis possessing animal-like features like ears, furs, tails etc. It may seem impossible but science is advancing.

Humans would no longer play out the attributes of animals like the Eagle, Lion, Dog, and the rest, they would also process their thoughts of it in their subconscious mind and analytical mind. This would result in the possession of the physical features of these animals. How is this possible? It does sound like a myth, right?

It is possible. Genetics has substantiated that human genes are gradually evolving due to the thought of the mother cells. Human thought would align with the gene for physical characteristics and would eventually produce children with great physical abilities.


The questions arising are: How many of these Abamis exist, what animal features & powers would they possess, where would they be born, and how can this be? For these questions, there are no answers.

Humans need to develop a paradigm shift for the new world science is predicting. Years ago, Thomas Kuhn showed how almost every significant breakthrough in science, was first a break with tradition, with old ways of thinking, and with old paradigms.

There are a lot of discoveries and contradicting ones. Would this discovery of Abamis be one?Β  Ptolemy, the great Egyptian astronomer, in his view, said the Earth was the centre of the universe, Copernicus contradicted that, and created a paradigm shift and a great deal of resistance and persecution as well, by placing the sun as the centre of the universe. Everything took on a different interpretation suddenly.

There would be doubts about the predictions of the existence of Abamis.

Soon, the “Aha” experience, when someone finally sees the composite picture in another way would play out. Within the philosophy of science, a paradigm is a general but distinct worldview or theory. The Abamis’ existence would affect everything, it will affect how humans look at themselves and how they look at themselves in movement.

The prediction entails a more definite feature of animals being possessed by humans. Fear of rejection from the innocent. Communities and a strange world to be built.

Are humans ready for this?Β 



This is a collection of 10,000+ NFTs of 4 strange but incredible beings. New characters are revealed as the story unfolds.Β 

Together, we are building this ABAMI WORLD! We are about inclusiveness!

Visit & Follow our ABAMI WORLD’S Twitter and Discord pages for a chance to win free NFTs!


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