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About Us

What Are ABAMI World NFTs?

A collection of 15,000 NFTs of 4 strange but incredible beings. New characters are revealed as the story unfolds. 

Together, we are building this ABAMI WORLD! We are about inclusiveness!

The questions arising are: How many of these Abamis exist, what animal features & powers would they possess, where would they be born, and how can this be? For these questions, there are no answers.

The Abamis existence would affect everything, it will affect how humans look at themselves and how they look at themselves in movement. The prediction entails a more definite feature of animals being possessed by humans. Fear of rejection from the innocent. Communities and a strange world to be built.

Are humans ready for this?

High-quality rendered and equally affordable artwork

We are building a world of inclusiveness where everyone counts

Weekly Abami World Analytics to enable owners benefit more from our NFTs


First Mint Over!

We are giving away 1100 whitelist spots for:

To Enter: Follow Us,  Like & Retweet a few tweets.  Tag 3 NFT Friends. Mint is LIVE!

How do I buy or mint the NFTs?

ABAMI WORLD NFTs is a Solana chain project and can be minted on Mint NFT Page, and traded on this website and our various NFT marketplaces eg. OpenSea and MagicEden.

You must first open a phantom wallet, then add some Sol to transact!



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Frequently Asked Questions?

We are here 24/7 to chat and answer any of your questions.